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Develop Your Team

We can offer HR consulting services in below areas.

  • Re-positioning Your Organization
    Analyze organization gaps
    Optimize internal processes
    Set up action plan and milestones
  • Develop internal process and role descriptions
    Analyze and optimize internal process
    Define roles and clarify responsibilities
  • Staff assessment
    Strength and weakness
    Competence level versus job requirement
  • Corporate Advisory
    Business partner advisory
    Investor introduction
    Cross-cultural business facilitation
  • Performance review and development talks
    Develop staff performance review system
    Set evaluation criteria
    Jointly conduct development talk if needed
  • Management coaching for managers
    Coaching for leadership and communication
    Investigation on market salary levels
  • Advisory on staff retention
    Salary structure review
    Investigation on market salary levels
    Compensation package consultation
  • Outplacement service
    Career transition counseling
    Resume preparation and interview techniques
    Networking and job search
    Offer negotiation
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